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What's wrong with my Sure Fire ignition on my BSA B50?
It starts first kick and I don't have to kick it over really fast.
People keep telling me they should go to sleep and are slow to startup again, and they should have a slow speed module or they wont work with a B50.
I mean a B50 shouldn't start so easy and run so well, especially at low revs.
On second thoughts I'll keep my "faulty" unit and put up with it.
Here is a photo of the bike:


I was able to fit the sensor unit without removing the timing cover. I also connected a green light to the power feed of the unit so I know when the key is turned on and power is going to the unit.

Doug Clarke


I just received and installed the Pazon ignition kit for my Vincent today and I am hugely impressed. Good stuff. I haven't yet had the bike out for a full on evaluation but so far it is a major improvement. I have to say that setting the timing was the easiest thing ever, but you already know that! I have attached a couple of photos of my 1950 Vincent Series C Rapide.   The bike is fully 12 volt converted and I was running a Lucas breakerless ignition which I have just replaced with the Pazon unit. The entire ignition system is fitted inside the magneto cover on the front of the engine. It has a V3 clutch, Shadow brakes, and high compression pistons.   I have also ordered a 1200cc top end conversion from Terry Prince as the bike is due for a cosmetic tidy up anyway.

Best regards
Holger Lubotzki, Australia

1950 Vincent Rapide Series C

1950 Vincent Rapide Series C


I want to tell you how impressed I am with your ignition module. 

If you remember, I recently contacted you inquiring about the correct timing to use on a Royal Enfield Series One Interceptor. I was wanting to use a degree wheel to locate and mark true TDC and 32 degrees BTDC. I ran out of patience and just used the measuring stick in the spark plug hole method.

The machine I installed your ignition on was not a running machine needing just an ignition change. I have built three Interceptors from basket cases (auto jumbles?) and have found the drum brakes on every one just good enough to get one killed in todays traffic! The machine I installed your ignition on is a machine I have built from leftover parts after restoring two Series one and one Series one A Interceptors.

I have installed the entire front end plus the rear swing arm/rear wheel/ rear disc brake from a Honda 750 Super Sport (three disc brakes) on a Series one Royal Enfield Interceptor. I have completely rebuilt the engine: new main bearings, crankshaft turned .020 under, new rod bearings, cylinders re sleeved, bored and honed, new pistons and rings, new hardened valve seats, new valves, springs and guides, new timing chain, new cam followers and blocks. The only friction surfaces in the motor not renewed were the camshafts, cam bushes, push rods, rocker arms, and rocker spindles and bushes. In other words a re-manufactured engine!

This engine starts with tickling the new manufactured Amal Monobloc carburettor (from Surrey Cycles in England), putting on the choke, and kicking the m***** f***** one time! Now I must claim some credit as a tuner since I had to advance the ignition timing a tiny bit to get the engine to idle, but I can not believe how smooth this thing idles in neutral on the center stand with a grand total of ten minutes of running time. I will recommend your ignition to anyone wanting to replace a magneto or points and coil on any British motorcycle.

Andy, you know your shit!

John Sayers

Royal Enfield Interceptor Series 1 Custom
Royal Enfield Interceptor Series 1 Custom
Royal Enfield Interceptor Series 1 Custom
Royal Enfield Interceptor Series 1 Custom
Royal Enfield Series 1 Interceptor Custom


Thanks for the quick reply.
Your endorsement of the coils makes me feel much better.
All is good.

I installed my new Pazon Sure-Fire ignition along with the coils this past weekend.
Can’t believe what a difference this setup has made in my bike’s performance!
The installation was so easy…and the static timing was so close (29 degrees), I only had to move the ignition plate just a FRACTION to get it set at 31 degrees.

Start-up is one-kick now, idle is rock-steady at 1000 RPM and the acceleration…unbelievable!!
In fact, the acceleration is so strong in 4th gear, I found myself looking for another gear a couple of times because I swore I was still in 3rd!!

Thanks again for a fantastic product!!
Here’s a photo to go along with my testimonial.

Chip Messenkopf

Norton 750 Commando

Norton 750 Commando

Hi, just wanted to let you know my 1968 Triumph Bonneville is working beautifully since I installed the Pazon Sure Fire ignition. I had the Lucas Rita ignition and had only problems with it. I was going to try the Boyer but decided to go with yours... best choice for the old girl.
Thank you so much for a great product and easy installation.
Best regards, Ron Desmarais

You know what, it started 1st kick.
I had to turn it off and try again.
It's started 1st time every time ever since.
The points are now on the wall in homage to the Dark Lord Lucas and as something to point and laugh at.

It’s a custom.
1967 T100 Daytona
Stretched 8 inches, lowered 6 inches, reverse head, 10.5:1 comp, open pipes.
Daily rider.

Pic attached.
Quote away.
Thanks heaps.

Darren Marchant

Triumph T100 Daytona Custom

Dear Andy.

I was in contact with you in the beginning of 2010 about problems at running at full speed with my Royal Enfield 350cc 1949. I want to give you some feedback on what has happened.
I have now fitted a new bigger carburettor and been running it a number of times.
The problem has now gone. It apparently had nothing to do with the ignition but was all due to low fuel feed.
Thank you very much for answering my questions and for caring.

Kind regards,
Peter Svenson

Hi there,

Thanks for a prompt response...........................she's up and running again and hell is it responsive with the Pazon.
Having slept on it I decided to mark up a degree chart for the bike and do all the static checks which turned out ok. I rechecked all connections and wondered about battery voltage after all it had been off the road due to a house move for 18 months. It seemed ok so my attention was drawn to the trigger assembly, as this and the loss of magnetic effect was one of the reasons for replacing the Boyer.
When I removed the trigger assembly for inspection there was a knife line around the face of the outer rotor and on close inspection alloy shrapnel around a pair of induction coil wires at point of timing for anti clock/w. On further inspection it was clear that there was no tolerance between the installation and in fact the trigger was ineffective due to earthing through the rotor. I mated the rotor by grinding with paste and filed away the extended wire tags on the rear of the stator, made up a spacer to fit between the underside and timing face chest, reinstalled and it runs on first kick.............
Maybe this was just down to my bike and its tolerances, but if I could recommend anything it would definitely be to ensure no soldered wire protrusions to the rear of the stator, they were just enough to stop my machine.
There we are .............a really happy bunny!! or should I say lamb!!
Thanks and best Regards,
Bob Ashton

Hello Andy
Just wanna let u know that the package has arrived! :)
I'm very satisfied by the way you and the Pazon company solved the delivery problems, that's the way a good company should treat their customers.
I wanna thank you for all you did for me.
Best regards,
Happy Easter! :)


The first battery I used was a traditional lead acid battery but I had some difficulty securely fastening it inside the stock battery box and it tended to move around, ultimately leading to the case cracking at the top. Not wanting to take any chances, I bought one of those absorbed glass mat batteries. I had the same problem with the battery moving around in the battery box and the battery case vibrated against one of the cover screws, wearing a small hole in the case. They say that the AGM batteries are not supposed to leak acid but I can tell you that they do leak. I've played around with different methods to secure the battery but these Atlases are real paint shakers!

I am using your Sure Fire magneto replacement system. I am also using a Sparx electronic regulator. I am not sure if this has a built in capacitor. If it does, are you saying that I can simply remove my battery ? Do you happen to know of any wiring diagrams that I could follow to do this?

 Thanks for the reply. I have to say that I'm extremely pleased with your product. Ditching my magneto was the best performance modification I've done to this bike. It starts first kick now and goes like stink. See picture below.


1964 Norton Atlas

I have just fitted a Sure-Fire ignition system to my 1967 Triumph TR6C Trophy and am amazed at how my bike has been transformed by such an easily installed modification. I was not unhappy with my bike prior to fitting however it now starts first kick and is much smoother at higher revs, a most worthwhile and unexpected improvement. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial if you so wish.

Graham Ingall

1967 Triumph Trophy TR6C

Hi Andy,

Have been using your new starter on my Mk 3 Interstate Commando for over a year, in conjunction with Pazon ignition. Not one kickback and faultless starting every time.
This is a great product and I would thoroughly recommend to all elect start Commando owners.

Regards from New Zealand,
Neville Jordan

Hi Andy,
It has been a few months since I e-mailed you about my '65 BSA twin.
I wanted to get back to you and let you know how it worked out.
Your diagnosis about the coil was spot on.
As you suggested, I bought one of your dual output 6 volt units and installed it this weekend.
All problems were cured!
Bike starts better than ever. Has a very healthy spark.
And runs great, with no hint of it dying away at idle.

Now I can really enjoy the magic of your Sure-fire ignition.  Well done - it is a super product! 
I couldn't be happier!
Bob Ford


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