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Pazon v Boyer Part 1

Would you like to know the real differences between Pazon and Boyer Bransden?  Of course you would.   And we know this because you are always asking us.

So in response to your question we have written an E-book, valued at $25.00 (which you can get for free), when you fill in your details below

  • Ever wondered what's in an ignition box and how it works?

  • Why does crossing wires over damage some ignition systems and not others?

  • Ever fried an ignition system and not known why?

  • Have you been frustrated by an ignition that cuts out at random?

We could go on - ignition problems are endless, aren't they?

If electronic ignitions are black magic to you, then you're not alone. Let's take you deep into the magic and unfold the secrets.

By unfolding the secrets you will receive information on electronic ignitions and other bike related topics that you can trust.

The information you can trust because it's written by experts in the field to keep your classic running smoothly, with tips and topics not full of technical jargon (well maybe the odd time) but written in a way that everybody can understand.

With the Black Magic Box Newsletter, you will experience the magic and learn the secrets of what's done and why, to keep you roaring down the road.

Our newsletter will not be filled with adverts or read like War & Peace, so you will have more time to enjoy the open road.  Each newsletter will be, on average, fairly short, very informative and with a bit of fun dropped in.

You can unsubscribe at any time, and we have a strict privacy policyOur list is our list, never to be sold - and that's a guarantee.

So subscribe now for your occasional newsletter.

Andy Perkins

Andy Perkins


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