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Story #4, By Chuck

Monday, November 27, 2006 | Printer Friendly Printer Friendly

How about 1982 when my best friend and i went on a toy run in Sacramento Ca. and happened to get our pictures in Easy Riders magazine???Or the time my front brakes locked up on my Triumph chopper and i slid down the pavement at 40 MPH with a car tire locked up and skidding about 2 feet from my head and then my boots caught traction on the pavement and vaulted me back onto my feet.I never ran that fast in my life.My feet were literally skipping across the roadway until i could gain control over them again.I ran up to my bike and it was still running as it lay on its side.Thump thump thump.I wanted to get outa there fast so i grabbed the handlebars and lifted the bike and was about to jump on,and it died. I frantically started to kick on it to get her going again when out of the blue,a little kid about 12 years old rode up to me on his bicycle and said, "sir you lost your wallet" and handed me my billfold.I had almost a thousand dollars in it too.When i went to put my billfold in my right hip pocket i realized what happened.When the bike went down,or i should say,"when the bike and i went down and parted company".I was slipping down that pavement kinda on my right side and more on my right asscheek untill my right ass pocket blew out and lost my billfold.I remember the scene like it was yesterday.Horns going off, tires screeching,people screaming and all were hand gestering that i was #1(if ya know what i mean) .I got the bike off the road and saw that my front brake cable housing had jumped onto its mount so it actually engaged my front brakes ever so slightly.I guess with those brakes dragging,it had built up enough heat,expanded the shoes and when i had shifted from 3rd to 4th gear,they locked up.I stuck the cable housing back where it shoulda been,gave the adjuster a coupla turns to take up some slack. Still no cops,but i was still shook up.After kicking about 5 times that bitch started and i hauled ass home.A little blood dripping from road rash on my elbow but nothing major.The heels of my boots looked like they had been put on a grinder.After i got home i started thinking about that little kid that gave me my billfold.I got back on my bike and went looking for him.An act of kindness and honesty like that deserved to be rewarded.I never saw him again......Did ya mean stories like that?????Plenty more where that came from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..........Chuck

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