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Smart-Fire Velocette 12 Volt


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Is your current ignition not letting your Velocette reach its full potential?

Need an advance curve that better suits your engine?

Difficulty starting, especially when the engine is hot?

The PAZON SMART-FIRE is the hassle-free solution to your ignition worries.

High-performance, ignition system for Velocette single cylinder motorcycles with 12 volt electrics, positive or negative earth.  Optimised for high spark energy and low power consumption.

Suits Venom, Thruxton, Viper, Mac & Mss models, originally fitted with a Lucas or BTH (3 fixing bolt type) magneto, auto or manual advance.

SMART-FIRE completely replaces the original Lucas/BTH magneto.
The result is improved performance, excellent starting, improved idling, smoother running and low maintenance.

System comprises:

  • magneto replacement body incorporating precision engineered steel timing rotor & digital trigger unit with static timing light (led)
  • digital Ignition module with mapped advance curve to suit the Velocette engine, user-programmable rev-limiter (set at the push of a button)
  • miniature high-energy ignition coil
  • ht lead with pre-fitted connector & rubber ht cover
  • plug cap
  • fixing bolts/washers/nuts for ignition module & coil
  • quality crimp connectors & insulators
  • earthing wire (for positive earth electrics)
  • full colour 16 page installation booklet

Magneto replacement housing consists of an aluminium alloy body and cap, steel shaft, fully supported on two large ball-bearings & garter seal.  It uses the original drive gear or sprocket and requires no modifications to the engine.  Please note: this system is not self-energising. This system does not include battery or drive gear.

7½ year warranty

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Is your current ignition limiting your engine performance?

The Smart-Fire ignition incorporates a mapped advance curve that precisely controls the ignition timing throughout the rev range.
The active dwell control maintains the right energy in the ignition coil for optimum performance, whatever the engine rpm.
Whereas magnetos can give inconsistent running, especially when hot, the Smart-Fire ignition module's intelligent software maintains consistent spark energy.

Have you found setting the timing with other ignition systems a bit 'hit and miss'?

Timing made easy, with the on-board static timing light.
Simply set the piston to FULL ADVANCE on compression, then position the trigger unit with the aid of the static timing light.  The process is explained with step-by-step colour photos in the supplied booklet.
Once set, the timing will automatically fire fully retarded at cranking speeds, then the timing advances to suit the Velocette engine.  Also, the timing won't ever go out of adjustment.

Concerned about damage to the electric start mechanism?

The Smart-Fire system will stay on time as low as 7 volts, so is ideal for electric start models that can suffer from volt drops when cranking.

Poor dynamo charging system?  Concerned about ignition's drain on the battery?

The Smart-Fire system draws less than 7 watts at tick-over.
Pazon's design incorporates a miniature resin encapsulated ignition coil.
low inductance coil is energised for a very short period of time, meaning low power consumption.

Worried about over-revving your engine?

The Smart-Fire has a built-in rev-limiter.
At the push of a button you can set the rev-limiter to limit the engine speed from 3000 rpm upwards.  Can be reset just as easily at any time.

Module details:
Dimensions (L x W x H): 80mm x 63.5mm x 30mm
Two removal mounting brackets
Wire lengths: 120cm.

Coil details:
Dimensions (L x W x H): 48mm (64 inc. ht outlets) x 41mm x 41mm (60 inc. mounting lugs)
Mounting holes: Two M5 at 34mm centres
LT connections: Two 6.35mm (1/4") male spade terminals
HT connection: One 4mm male stud (ht lead with special connector supplied)

Smart-Fire Velocette Advance CurvePDMSV1 advance curve

Excellent after-sales technical support is available by email, fax and phone
(09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri).

7� year warranty

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