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Smart-Fire Triumph/BSA Unit Single Side-Points TWINPLUG SPECIAL 12 Volt


Price: NZ$769.00

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Select Standard Advance Curve or Custom Advance Curve (please email details to us)

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Is your current ignition not letting your bike reach its full potential?

Need an advance curve that better suits your engine?

Does your bike not want to fully rev out due to poor spark energy?

Is your battery not lasting a full race meeting?

The PAZON SMART-FIRE is the hassle-free solution to your ignition worries.

TRIUMPH/BSA Single Cylinder Motorcycles with
12 Volt electrics (positive or negative earth)
& points in the side casing and TWINPLUG HEAD CONVERSION including:
Triumph T20/M (Cub)
BSA C15, B25, B40, B44, B50

Specially suited for unit singles running with high compression and/or special fuels (e.g. nitro/methanol).

Twin ignition coil drivers: the module has a dedicated driver for each coil, for maximum spark energy.

SMART-FIRE completely replaces the original points, condenser, mechanical advance, coil, leads & plug caps. The result is improved performance, excellent starting, smoother running and low maintenance.

7 year warranty

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Is your engine power limited by your current ignition advance curve?

The SMART-FIRE ignition incorporates a mapped advance curve that precisely controls the ignition timing throughout the rev range.

Do you have an advance curve but can't get an ignition to match?

We can program the SMART-FIRE so that you can get more usable power from your performance engine.

Worried about over-revving your engine?

The SMART-FIRE has a built-in rev-limiter.
At the push of a button you can set the rev-limit to anything above 3000 rpm.
Can be reset just as easily at any time.

Have you found setting the timing on your current ignition system a bit 'hit and miss'?

Timing made easy, with the on-board static timing light.

Are your old ignition coils bulky and battery-thirsty?

The SMART-FIRE includes two miniature high energy single output ignition coils.
The result? Very high spark energy from some of the smallest coils around.
The SMART-FIRE features active dwell control that maintains the right energy in the ignition coil for optimum performance, whatever the engine rpm.
The intelligent software also means that SMART-FIRE is highly efficient, drawing little power, extending battery life considerably.
Excellent after-sales technical support is available by email, fax and phone
(09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri).

7 year warranty

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