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Dynamo Regulator Pos Ground 6V/12V


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General purpose 6/12 volt dynamo regulator, suitable for most classic/vintage motorcycle dynamos. Replaces original Lucas/Miller mechanical cvc regulator.

This regulator is manufactured using high quality components. When installed and used correctly it will give years of reliable service. The unit is protected against voltage spikes from the dynamo or on the battery line, reverse polarity connection of the dynamo or battery, and against overload conditions by way of thermal overload control. It also tolerates short circuit of the output.

We strongly recommend fitting a fuse in the line from the regulator output (A terminal) and/or the battery live side of the ammeter. This will offer protection to the regulator and dynamo  against some fault conditions that could occur. Recommended fuse sizes (approx): 13A for 6 Volt electrics, or 10A for 12 Volt electrics.

Converting to 12 volts can offer benefits, e.g. brighter, lower cost bulbs, but requires increased dynamo speed over 6 volt operation. Charging may be insufficient during long periods of slow running. This can be helped by fitting a belt drive conversion to spin the dynamo faster.
A Lucas E3L dynamo in good condition can safely output 80W or more.

One year warranty.


Continuous current (MAX): 12 Amps.
Wiring lengths: 180mm from casing (approx.)
Fixing: one M5 stud, with spring washer & fixing nut
Case size: 56x33x18mm deep
Total weight (inc. wires): 75gms. (approx.)


To maintain originality, the dynamo regulator unit is small enough to fit inside a Lucas or Miller case, or it can be mounted on its own. Fixing is via a single M5 stud. The unit produces a very low level of heat, but if heavy continuous loading is expected we recommend mounting in a good flow of cooling air.
The maximum safe continuous output current of the unit is 12 Amps, but note that if this current draw is prolonged the dynamo will be damaged.
Before fitting the regulator it would be useful to confirm that your dynamo is giving a good charge and of the correct polarity (see datasheet). Seek qualified assistance if unsure.

For example wiring diagrams, see datasheet (under Additional Links tab).

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