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PVL Ignition Coil 6 Volt


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PVL 6 Volt Single Output Ignition Coil.

Lucas equivalent.


  • British Twin Cylinder motorcycles with Sure Fire/Altair ignition system and 12 volt electrics (two coils required)
  • British Single Cylinder motorcycles with Sure Fire ignition system and 6 volt electrics (one coil required)

Electrical specification:

Primary resistance: 1.7 ohms +/- 10%
Secondary resistance: 6 Kohms +/- 10%
Low tension c
onnections: two 6.35mm(1/4") male lucar (spade) terminals, each secured with a nut & washer to an M5 stud
High tension connection: 7mm female connector


Diameter: 40mm
Overall length: 112mm
Body Length (to flange): 86mm
Flange diameter: 47mm
HT outlet length: 16mm

Weight: 300g (approx.)

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