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Altair Ariel Arrow/Leader (6 Volt)


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Tired of constantly fiddling with those points?

Timing worries?

Difficulty starting?

Can't get an electronic ignition that fits straight on to your Ariel?

The PAZON Altair Ignition System is the worry-free solution to keeping your classic bike on the road.

What motorcycles does it fit?
Ariel Arrow & Leader with standard 6 Volt electrics (positive or negative earth).
Supplied with one 6 volt dual output type ignition coil (IC32).

Plug leads & caps also supplied.

The Altair ignition completely replaces the points, condensers and points cam.
The result is easier starting, smoother running and less maintenance.

The trigger parts fit straight on in place of the contact-breakers and points cam, using the original fixings.  No modifications required, and the original points cover fits straight on.

7� year warranty

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Timing worries?
Tired of constantly adjusting two sets of points, and never being able to get the engine to run just right?

These problems are a thing of the past with the Altair electronic trigger design.
The system features the wasted spark principle, meaning both plugs fire at the same time.
With the Altair FIRE ignition you set the timing on one cylinder and it will be right on the other.

Ignition timing made easy

Using the on-board static timing light, timing is very easy.  Lock the engine (on either cylinder) in the standard way and rotate the trigger unit on its adjustment slots, with the aid of the timing light.
The timing procedure is explained using step-by-step colour pictures in the installation booklet.
The precision engineered steel rotor gives accurate 180� firing.

Easy starting
The Altair trigger unit features a zero speed hall-effect sensor.  In effect this means that the ignition system will produce consistent, strong sparks at very low cranking speeds, leading to better than ever starting.

Have you ever fitted an ignition system where the wires don't reach?
Altair has extra long wires from the ignition module - 1 metre long, allows the unit to be fitted almost anywhere.
Altair does not have the connection problems associated with other systems, the wires run directly from the module to the pickup. All you need is a small screwdriver to make these connections.

Are you worried that the ignition will be bulky and difficult to hide?
The Altair ignition module is compact (80mm x 40mm x 20mm) and light.
Its size & shape makes it easy to fit and hide out of sight

New to electronic ignitions?
Every Altair system includes a comprehensive full colour installation booklet to guide you through, with easy-to-read, detailed instructions, photos, wiring diagrams and timing instructions.

System contents: high-power ignition module, trigger unit, steel timing rotor, one 6 volt dual output ignition coil (with aluminium spacers, fixing bolts, washers & nuts), plug leads, plug caps, quality crimp connectors & insulators, module fixing, small & large tie-straps and comprehensive full colour installation booklet.

Excellent after-sales technical support is available by email, fax and phone
(09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri).

7� year warranty

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