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Are These Ignition Problems Damaging Your Classic Bike?

Classic bikes don't like modern fuel

Today's modern fuel is low octane and lead-free, causing classic motorcycle engines to run hot, leading to poor performance and ride.

Poor performance leads to pinking

Every time you climb a hill there's that sound again, she's pinking, so you ease off the throttle like you always do. Now you're losing power, so you have to change down a gear. Just one effect of this modern fuel.

How modern fuel reacts with original ignition systems

The original points, bob weights & springs were fine in their day, but with today's fuel, ignition timing has become more important. A spark that's timed too early ('advanced') causes combustion knock, which is damaging to the engine. A spark that's too late ('retarded') loses power and increases fuel consumption & emissions.

PAZON will restore the lost performance, making it possible to ride your classic reliably and giving you back the keys to your freedom.

Ignitions made by people who love classic bikes as much as you do.

We were the management and technical team that successfully ran Boyer Bransden until 2004, when we decided to forge our own path. We felt that classic bikes and their owners deserved a higher quality product and service. We've spent the first 18 months on research & development of new products, listening to bikers and putting their needs first.

Ignitions delivered worldwide to your door

With airmail delivery to all destinations and customers stretching from the U.K. to New Zealand, no place is too far.

 Free Worldwide Shipping to most destinations for
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 Smart-Fire Ignition System


Smart-Fire is a performance, high specification digital ignition system specially designed for machines that need extra spark energy, precision timing and top quality.

Ideal for competition or classic machines that need a high spark energy, low power draw ignition system.

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Sure-Fire is a high quality, cost-effective analogue ignition system, designed to improve the starting, running and reliability of a range of classic machines.

Available for 6 and 12 volt electrics, positive or
negative earth.

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Sure-Fire Ignition System

Hewett~Vincent v-twin

We have been campaigning our Vincent twin on Lake Gairdner in South Australia since 2000.

Landspeed racing can be one of the toughest and unforgiving forms of motorsport you can come across.
All your equipment has to be the best, if you are to be on top of the game.

Over the years we used quite a few different ignitions, but found they were not quite able to handle the High Compression, total loss and general tough conditions of salt lake racing.

We switched to the Pazon Smart Fire a few years ago, and have never looked back. Instant starting and clean running up to 7000rpm. Run after Run.
Andy and the crew at Pazon understand your needs, and we have had excellent backup service and advice from them.

Highly recommend PAZON ignition systems.

Some bike details:
Based on a 1950 Vincent Rapide
Frame  - Owner built special
Size - 1300cc
Compression - 13:1
Fuel -  Gasolene
Carbs - Two  S&S series Bs with Thunderjets
Primary - Belt drive
Gearbox  - 5 speed
Ignition:  PAZON  SMART FIRE, High Compression Special, total loss

Mal Hewett
Owner /Builder/Rider 

Vincent Racing Team 185.347mph Speedweek 2016

See the full video at this YouTube link

"I became resigned to treating my bike gently for ever more"


BSA Starfire, fitted with
the PAZON Sure-Fire Single Ignition System

   I'd previously spent months trying to get the timing right on my BSA Starfire. In the end I grimly
   accepted that modern fuels and additives must mean I would always suffer from overheating and
   pinking in some part or other of the rev range. I became resigned to treating the bike gently for
   ever more and always using low throttle openings. Almost as a last resort I brought your electronic
   ignition and was simply stunned at the transformation in the bike. It now runs like a turbine all
   through the rev range, with much more power, no overheating, much easier starting and infinitely
   better idling.  A much happier machine basically and one which now likes to be ridden properly.
   Thanks Andy and Pazon

Julian Perry
Crewkerne, Somerset (UK)

 "I thought it was expensive"

Triumph Trident T150V

Roland's Trident T150V, fitted with
the Pazon Smart-Fire Triumph Trident
/BSA Rocket 3 Ignition System

    My T150V is freshly rebuilt, but the spark was poor and just kept 'holding back' at
    wide throttle openings, fitted with another supplier's system. I looked at the
    PAZON Smart-Fire, thought it was expensive but looked very professional,
    specification and contents list impressive, so I bought one. I now know it is as
    good as it sounded.  Instantly all my troubles were gone, my Trident now runs
    superb, no holding back at w.o.t. in the mid range and no puny yellow sparks,
    both problems I had with the previous system.  Hats off to Andy at PAZON; a top
    quality product, excellent instructions & good support.

Roland Gardiner, GTTUNING
Dorset, U.K.

"We were led to believe the problem was carburetion"

Egli Vincent

Dale's Egli Vincent, fitted with
the Pazon Smart-Fire Vincent V-Twin
Twinplug Head Ignition System

  The more I ride the Egli with the new ignition system the more amazed I am. It starts so easy, idles
  nice and doesn�t misfire at mid range. It has become one of my favorite old bikes to ride. In the past
  I had 2 different manufacturers of ignition systems on it. After continually having trouble we were led
  to believe the problem was in the carburetion which we spent a lot of hours on, and all that time it
  was the ignition system. As I indicated in a previous email, this motorcycle is now truly awesome.

Dale Keesecker
Kansas, USA

  Team FSA, Racing Triumph Trident
  Rider: Jens Kroon
  3 times European & Scandinavian
  Champion, winning at Brands Hatch,
  July 2006

  Fitted with Pazon's
Smart-Fire Ignition System.

  Picture courtesy of Frode Sorenson
  Allingabro, Denmark

TEAM FSA ~ Triumph Trident Racer

"37 kicks then collapse!"

 "Andy, I will sing your praises.
  Your Energy booster has galvanized this MZ 125.
  It took about 2 hours to attach (I was being careful), and starting has been transformed from
  the regulation 37 kicks/collapse over the seat gasping, to one gentle prod!  Even my mate
  Dave's eyebrows went up and they are nailed down usually!
  Mid range is up and hill climbing is a giggle.
  Downside is I've got to watch the speed limits.
  You can quote me if you want - the damn thing's brilliant!

 Jeff Knight
  P.S. If you have stickers I would be happy to pay postage. I can't really stick go faster stripes on
  an East German commuter but 'Ignition by PAZON' or some such would be impressive."

 Note: the MZ was fitted with a Negative Earth type Energy Booster

  Fitting instructions you can actually read

  Every PAZON system comes complete with a comprehensive full-colour installation booklet with
  step-by-step instructions, photos and wiring diagrams.

  Help is always at hand

  Technical support is just a phone call away (Mon-Fri, 09:00-17:00 N.Z. time). Also, available by fax
  and email.  Due to the large volume of  emails we receive, the response time can sometimes be          longer than we would like. If your query is urgent we recommend calling us direct.
  Thanks for your understanding.

  Peace of mind

  With 24 years experience in the ignition industry and our anti-static build process we can confidently
  give a 7� year warranty with every ignition system.




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