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Story #2, by Jason Stein

Monday, November 27, 2006 | Printer Friendly Printer Friendly

I'm 16 and my dad just bought a Yamaha 600 DT. I get permission, let my buddy borrow my 250 Honda Enduro and we head for a track out in the woods.

In Angel Fire New Mexico, there is only one main road to get to the woods which is a highway and on either side of this highway is a ditch you can ride in.

We're going along and I'm having fun, first because I'm on this powerful bike and second because every 100 feet or so is a side road that attaches to the highway. That means the ditch comes with a steep incline that I can ride up and down.

So there we are travelling in the ditch having a ball, when I can see that some local who probably got tired of bikers riding in the ditch, took away a rideable pass. As I'm approaching I notice this incline is about 90 degrees straight up. So in a flash I think I can dump my dad's bike over, or I can go for it. I down shift, pop the clutch, hit the gas, and the next thing I know I'm flying through the air like Evil Knievel.

I must have jerked to the right because as I start to make my descent I realize I'm going to land right on the Highway.

One small thing I forgot to notice in my young decision making. There is a car going the exact same speed on the highway right below me.

The driver must of saw me rocket propel myself out of that ditch because he swerved out of my landing zone.

I'll never forget the look of shear terror on his face as I landed safely right next to him.

Jason Stein

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