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Energy Booster II, Negative Earth


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"37 kicks then collapse!"

 "Andy, I will sing your praises.
  Your Energy booster has galvanized this MZ 125.
  It took about 2 hours to attach (I was being careful), and starting has been transformed from
  the regulation 37 kicks/collapse over the seat gasping, to one gentle prod!  Even my mate
  Dave's eyebrows went up and they are nailed down usually!
  Mid range is up and hill climbing is a giggle.
  Downside is I've got to watch the speed limits.
  You can quote me if you want - the damn thing's brilliant!

 Jeff Knight
 P.S. If you have stickers I would be happy to pay postage. I can't really stick go faster stripes on
 an East German commuter but 'Ignition by PAZON' or some such would be impressive."

Contact (points) assisted ignition unit for classic/high mileage cars/motorcycles, 6 or 12 volts & negative earth electrics.

Unit features power & static timing lights.

Compact, black unit with 1 metre long leads.

Stops burning of the points. Offers stronger & more consistent sparking. Eliminates the need for the condenser. Twin/four cylinder motorcycles with two sets of points will require two units.
  • High-Power Electronic Ignition Module
  • Compatible with 6 or 12 Volt Electrics
  • Available for Positive & Negative Earth Electrics
  • Coil & Contact-Breaker Ignition Systems Only
  • No More Burning of Contact-Breaker Points
  • Condenser Not Required
  • Less Maintenance
  • Better Starting
  • Smoother Running Engine
  • Improved Combustion
  • Improved Fuel Economy & Lower Emissions
  • Easy to Fit, Only Four Wires to Connect
  • Original Connections can be Easily Restored
  • Static Timing & Power Lights
  • Included Fully Encapsulated
  • Covered by Manufacturer's 7 Year Warranty
  • Size(mm): 80 Long x 40 Wide x 20 Deep
  • Weight: 110g (Incl. Wires)
  • Any Petrol Engine with Coil & Contact-Breaker
  • Engines with No Distributor, But Note That One Unit Per Contact-Breaker is Required (Applies to Most Motorcycles)
Kit Contains:
  • One Ignition Module (Black ABS Impact-Resistant Case)
  • Adhesive Cable-Tie Mounting Base
  • Six Crimp Terminal Connectors: 1 Ring, 1 Piggyback, 2 Female Spade & 2 Male Spade
  • Five Crimp Terminal Insulators
  • Four Small Black Tie-Straps
  • Two Large Black Tie-Straps
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