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Shorai Battery - LFX09L2-BS12


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Shorai LiFePO4 Battery - LFX09L2-BS12
  • SHORAI exclusive Xtreme-Rate LiFePO4 LFX cell technology
  • No more dead batteries. Holds charge for one year without maintenance
  • Ultra light. One fifth the weight of lead-acid batteries on average
  • Zero sulfation, for longer service life
  • Drop-in replacement for your OEM battery
  • Military spec Carbon Composite Case
  • Faster cranking for better starts
  • Super-fast recharge rate
  • SAFE - No explosive gasses during charge, no lead, no acid
  • Environmentally friendly, just discharge and dispose
  • Japanese Engineering
  • Two-Year warranty (conditions apply, see below)
Not covered by the warranty are the following:

Total loss electrics. Please ensure that if anyone wants to use them in total loss systems they use the calculation,, and do not over discharge the battery otherwise it may fail and become unrecoverable. We do not recommend them for use in Kontiki’s or for spotlighting as this almost inevitably leads to over-discharge and battery failure. Racing applications are not covered by Shorai at all.

Misuse. Batteries must be used for the intended application and maintained accordingly. One issue has been that they are used for repeated cranking until they are flat, such as when tuning or setting up an engine. While Shorai batteries maintain their maximum CCA without dying away, they still have a limit and if tuning an engine, either recharge them at 12.8v or use a jumper pack.

Accidental damage. Sorry, but we will not replace a battery that has been damaged in an accident. Dropping them or crashing them is not a warranty issue. Whilst they are tough cases and have survived some amazing crashes, they are able to be damaged by this. They cannot be damaged by “only a minor knock, honest!” It takes some force to damage a case!

Voltage Pb Eq (lead-acid battery equivalent): 12
Capacity Pb Eq (lead-acid battery equivalent): 9 AH (Amp Hour) Pb Eq
CCA (Continuous Cranking Amps): 135
Weight: 0.575 Kg / 1.27 Lbs
Max Charge Rate: 9 Amps.

Length: 113mm/4.45"
Width: 58/2.28"
Height: 89mm/3.5"
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